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Care Commission Inspection - 1st December 2008

Our daycare centre was inspected on Monday December 1st. As soon as the Inspection report is available, a link to it will be posted on this site and copies will be made available from the office free of charge.

The Inspecting officer was with us for the full day, and the whole process was a very positive experience. Staff and Service Users were all consulted as part of the process, and were very complimentary about the way in which the consultation was carried out.

BREAKING NEWS: Funding cut update - 21st November 2008

A letter to our local councillor regarding the issue.

Dear Councillor,
On behalf of the care team at East Kilbride & District Dementia Carers Group (EKDDCG), our Service Users, and our Carers Support Group, may I respectfully request that prior to you making a final decision on the proposal to terminate our contract for dementia care provision with South Lanarkshire Council, you give consideration to the following facts.

Over recent years, South Lanarkshire Council, in spite of compelling evidence from recognised authorities on Dementia care, has continued their practice of reducing Dementia daycare places in East Kilbride...... Read the full letter

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BREAKING NEWS: Funding cut update - 20th November 2008

Letter to East Kilbride News Paper Unedited version Download letter as a printable pdf file.

Once again the population of East Kilbride look set to suffer from yet another outrageous cost saving proposal from South Lanarkshire Council.

The proposal to terminate East Kilbride & District Dementia Carers Group (EKDCG) long-standing contract for the provision of dementia daycare could mean closure of a facility that has been providing dementia daycare in East Kilbride since 1991.

It is nothing but a cost cutting panic measure that is in total disregard of the needs and choices of people with dementia and their carers.

Harry Stevenson, Executive Director of Social Work Resources stated “There will be no consultation with service users and carers until the proposed cost saving is approved by the council”.

Is this the same Harry Stevenson who was part of a team that worked on the Scottish Governments ‘Changing Lives’ review of Social Work that delivered three main messages and challenges?
Mr. Stevenson also states “South Lanarkshire Council have made significant investment in state of the art and modern care facilities within East Kilbride”.

Even after investing substantial amounts of money in building the new care centres, the Council seem to have failed on the most important issue of all by not providing their care staff with an infrastructure that is adequately funded and resourced to provide person centred care that meets the needs and choices of people with dementia and their carers.

East Kilbride & District Dementia Carers Group currently supplies in excess of 30% of the total dementia daycare provision available in East Kilbride, our staff are trained to at least the same level as the S.L.C. dementia care staff, and most importantly, people with dementia attending our daycare facility benefit from a staff to service user ratio 1:3 maximum. Does S.L.C. really believe that they can provide a quality daycare service for people with dementia with their current staff to service user ratios of between 1:4 and 1:8?

Perhaps the infrastructure & care culture we have is one of the reasons that our service users have had in excess of 100 (one hundred) trips/outings this year, we have also provided one to one and evening outings for our service users and carers.

How many trips/outings have people with dementia in a S.L.C. daycare facility been offered this year?

Our “Ring-round Service” ensures that even when we receive short notice cancellations, we consistently utilize every daycare place we have available. This practice has meant that to date this year, 104 daycare places have been given to Service Users who otherwise would have received no care that day.

How many S.L.C. daycare places were not utilised in East Kilbride this year?

If S.L.C. does not offer the opportunity for fair consultation and careful consideration of this proposal, then they are acting with complete disregard of expert opinion.
The carers of people with dementia are the real experts; you must offer them fair opportunity to challenge this proposal.

John Vance
East Kilbride & District Dementia Carers Group

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BREAKING NEWS: Funding cut update - 14th November 2008

Download letter as a printable pdf file.

Our Ref: 071114

The proposal to not renew the contract with our Group when it expires in June 2009 has been discussed by the South Lanarkshire Committee, and is being discussed further in an attempt to progress it to the next stage. When Harry Stevenson, Executive Director of SLC Social Work Resources, was asked about the services that would be provided as an alternative, he assured the enquiring Councillor that any service provided in place of our own would be equal to or better in quality, at no extra cost to the Council.

As we understand it, the Council propose to take our existing Service Users, and ‘re-provision’ them (what a horribly impersonal term!) into their existing centres. Currently, the Council operate daycare in Parkhall, Saltire, Ashleigh Grant and Meldrum, the smallest of which is a 12-place centre (as opposed to our own centre for 6 people). Saltire is currently the Council’s only recognised dementia daycare centre.

Council staffing ratios vary from service to service, ranging from 8:1 to 4:1. We operate a minimum 3:1 staffing ratio, and with Students and volunteers, this rises frequently to 2:1. This means that people with dementia who are currently attending the Councils mainstream daycare centres are cared for on up to an 8:1 ratio.

We have our own mini-bus and regularly take people on trips and outings, having had 109 (one hundred and nine) different trips and outings to date this year from daycare. Council centres do not match this personalised service, as their practice is not to offer outings from daycare to people with dementia.

There are other areas in which we believe that alternative services will not be able to offer as good or as personal a service, but it is YOUR thoughts we want to hear.

We asked the Local Authority, “In line with the Council’s own policies, what consultation has taken place with Service Users and Carers”, allow me to share the response: “There will be no consultation with service users and carers until the proposed saving is approved by the Council”.

In other words, if the proposal from the Council is approved, the only say you may have in the matter will be what service you use as an alternative to ours once our contract has expired! This must be challenged as a matter of urgency, and we need your support to do it. You can help in the following ways: Your support in our campaign is urgent and vital; please help us to fight on your behalf.

Brian Doig
Group Co-ordinator

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BREAKING NEWS: Funding cut - 7th November 2008

Download letter as a printable pdf file.

Our Ref: JV071108

On the 4th November 2008 we received a report detailing proposed efficiency savings for South Lanarkshire Council’s 2009/2010-revenue budget.

One of the proposals submitted was that the current contract we have with South Lanarkshire Council for day care provision is to be terminated in July 2009.

The Management Committee and the Staff at Pine Crescent are outraged that this vital service to both our Service Users and their Carers is under serious threat.

South Lanarkshire Council’s own document “Principles of Care” states that Service Users should “Get help to fully understand all the options and choose the one that is right for you”. If the proposed report recommendations are approved, it will mean that people with Dementia, and their Carers will have no choice other than to attend a Council daycare facility.

We at Pine Crescent are extremely passionate about our Group, proud that we are recognised as a leader in Dementia care, and most importantly, we firmly believe that by providing Dementia care in a small homely environment, with a staff ratio that allows us to care for every Service User as an individual, is best practice.

We intend to launch a high profile and public campaign to challenge the threat to our Group. We will be asking politicians, the media, our carers, and especially the population of East Kilbride to support us in our campaign.

As with any campaign of this type, there can be sensationalist media reports. We will keep you fully informed of the facts surrounding our campaign, and also keep you advised of specific events we will be organising.

Our Group is run for the sole benefit of caring for people with Dementia, and supporting their carers. Your support in our campaign is vital, if you have any suggestions to help us, please contact Brian on 01355 244123.

Kind Regards,
John Vance
Chairman, East Kilbride & District Dementia Carers Group

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Sainsbury’s Olympia - Supporting Dementia Carers Group

I am delighted to confirm that Sainsbury’s Olympia have officially adopted us as their nominated Charity for the next year. Having already allowed us to have a collection on their premises in August that raised £896.97, they have now arranged for a day's bag-packing in aid of our Group.


Are you or any of your family/friends available to spend an hour or so bag-packing on our behalf, any time between 9am and 6pm on FRIDAY 19th DECEMBER 2008? We have a fabulous opportunity to raise awareness and generate income, but we need volunteers to make it happen! If you can assist us, please contact Brian Doig by one of the means listed on our contact us page.

Party Night - 30th August 2008

Thanks to the generosity and support of many, we raised a total of £588.55 on the evening. We are especially grateful to St Vincent de Paul's Church, Tinto Way, Greenhills, for giving us free use of their fantastic hall, and to Lightbody Butchers, Murray Square, for supplying us with excellent products for the buffet at a bargain price.

Saturday 16th August

Fir Park, Motherwell (Street Collection pre-match),

We are indebted to the team of collectors who went along on the day to assist us.

We are also indebted to fans of Motherwell and Aberdeen Football Clubs, who between them, donated the fantastic sum of £486.10 towards our funds.

Collection at Sainsbury's Olympia and Farmfoods Princes Mall

I am delighted to inform you that our collections on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th August raised the fabulous sum of £1,064.14 for our Group.

Many thanks to all who managed to help with collecting, and to those who came along and gave a word of encouragement.

Our most sincere thanks to Sainsburys Olympia and Farmfoods Princess Mall for allowing us to collect on their premises, and to customers of both stores for their generosity.