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14th April 2009 - Quality Standard Plus Award

John Vance, Peter Molloy and Brian Doig attended a reception at SLC Headquarters in Almada Street on Monday 30th March 2009, to accept the above award on behalf of the Group...Read More.

16th March 2009 - Our new news Letter, the “Pine Patter”

This is the release of our brand new news letter the “Pine Patter” which will be releasd bi-monthly.

Our first issueThe Pine patter

If you would like to subscribe to our news letter please send us an email on the Contact Us page.

28th January 2009 - Update on Negotiations

The recent article in the East Kilbride News (January 14th) stated that our Group is “safe from closure”; I would like to take this opportunity to give you a fuller picture of the ongoing challenges we face.
Our Group had a 3 year contract with SLC to provide daycare (5 places per day); the contract was extended for a further 2 years and is now due to expire on 30th June 2009... Read the full article.

12th January 2009 - Saltire Swing Band

We are pleased to confirm details of a forthcoming social / fundraising event.

The Saltire Swing Band is a fantastic 15-piece Swing Band, who play the classics that were made famous by artists such as Glenn Miller.

They will be on stage from 8pm till 11.30pm, at the Ballerup Hall East Kilbride, on Saturday 14th March 2009.

There will be a short break in the middle of their set for a buffet and some fundraising activities.

Doors will be open from 7.30pm.

Tickets are expected to sell out for this event, so please make sure you reserve yours early if you are intending to come along.

Download the poster for the event

8th January 2009 - Sainsburys Olympia Press Release

Sainsbury’s Olympia allowed the charity to carry out instore bag-packing on Friday, 19th December 2008. This press release relates to that event:

Customers of Sainsbury’s were very generous indeed, donating the incredible sum of £1,790.22 on the day.

The event was very beneficial for our Charity in a number of ways.

The incredible sum raised is an obvious benefit, but the fact that Sainsbury’s customers gave so generously shows us that the level of public support for our Group, and for dementia care in general, is very high indeed. To get such a large sum of money donated at a time when people do not have much to spare and are facing additional expense at Christmas, tells us that people value our work and are willing to support it.

Having just been adopted as Sainsbury’s Olympia charity partner for 2008/2009, it is also encouraging for us that the store colleagues could see firsthand the level of public support for our work, and to get the assurance that they will make a huge difference in such an important part of the care sector.

It was also particularly good for me to spend time with Sainsbury’s store colleagues, and to be able to let them know a bit more about our charity. They were incredibly welcoming and encouraging, and a real credit to Sainsbury’s. As we move on into the New Year, I am looking forward to working closely with them, together making a difference in the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

The number of volunteers willing to help us, and the range of ages and backgrounds was also a great indicator of the growing public support for our group.

On the day, we had a total of 46 volunteers help us, the youngest being 7 and the oldest over 80. We had spouses, children and grand-children of people who attend our centre; staff and their partners; volunteer care-workers; committee members and their families; helpers from a local guide troop; 13 helpers from East Mains Baptist Church, some of whom had travelled from as far as Cambuslang and Wishaw to take part; and folks from our own Carers Support Group. We also had some guest packers, with Gordon Smith (regional aid to Hugh O’Donnell MSP, and Eddie McLaughlin (Chairman of the Scottish Dementia Working Group) both giving freely of their time without being asked, just to help our cause.

All things considered, it was an incredibly successful day!

Rest assured that the donations will be put to good use in the work of the Dementia Carers’ Group, as we strive to continue providing a quality service to people with dementia and their carers.

This support means so much to a local charity such as ours, and I thank everyone who contributed most sincerely on behalf of the many people who will benefit from their generosity.

Brian Doig
Group Co-ordinator

29th December 2008 - Care Commission Inspection Report

The Care Commission has now sent out a draft report from the inspection that was carried out on Monday 1st December 2008. The report has been accepted as accurate by ourselves, and is now being finalised.

In the inspection, we were awarded the following grades:
Quality of Care and Support
5 Very Good
Quality of Environment
5 Very Good
Quality of Staffing
5 Very Good
Quality of Management and Leadership
4 Good

The Inspection Report is a public document, which is displayed in our centre and is available from the Care Commission and local libraries. Copies of all previous inspection reports are available from our office upon request. Anyone can access these reports.

If you would like to receive a copy of the most recent Care Commission Inspection report, please either complete the tear-off slip and return it to us, e-mail us, or phone the office and request one.

Alternatively, all Care Commission inspection reports can be accessed online as follows:
Go to www.carecommission.com
Select: Care services
Select: Care services list
Enter Service Number: CS2003001410

From there, by clicking on the Groups name, you can access all information on the Group held by the Care Commission, including our Quality Grades, and access copies of all inspection reports.

The most recent report is not yet available online, but as soon as it is, a link will be provided from our own website.

18th December 2008 - Contract Update

Apologies for the lack of updates... but there has been little news to report! However... that does not mean that there has been a lack of progress or activity behind the scenes!

It looks as if the tidal wave of public support has helped the Local Councillors who will be voting on the funding cut proposals to realise the value of our service, and as such, we are quietly confident that we will receive enough support to see out our existing contract and be allowed to tender for a new one.

I must stress that no decision has been made yet, and that it will possibly be as late as the end of January before we are officially told of any decisions, but we remain very optomistic.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us to date: your support has only made us more resolute in our determination to continue being at the forefront of dementia care in East Kilbride.

A number of Local Councillors have visited our centre this month, and Hugh O'Donnell MSP is scheduled to visit on January 5th 2009.

Raising our public profile is essential as we move on into the New Year... we must keep ourselves firmly in the public eye.

We have a meeting arranged with South Lanarkshire Council’s Social Work team arranged for January 14th 2009, at their head office in Almada Street Hamilton.

We will be attending this meeting in a very positive frame of mind. For us, the bottom line is very simple... there is an undeniable increasing need for dementia care and care of the elderly in general in East Kilbride.

We want to work with the Council to be part of the solution.

15th December 2008 - Press release

See picture

Sainsburys Olympia is delighted and proud to announce that the East Kilbride & District Dementia Carers Group has been selected by store colleagues to be the supermarkets Local Charity Partner for the year.

Sainsburys colleagues will work to support the Dementia Carers Group by giving their time and support to the charity, including contributing to various fundraising activities throughout the year. Funds raised will go towards ensuring that the Dementia Carers Group can continue to provide high-quality personalised care within their daycare centre at 169 Pine Crescent, Greenhills, and support to the Carers of people with dementia.

On behalf of Sainsburys store colleagues, Christine Whittle said, “We have been very grateful to the Manager of the Dementia Carers Group Brian Doig, for highlighting the needs of people with dementia locally. When deciding what charity we should support, we spoke to our colleagues and found out that quite a few of their families had been touched by this devastating illness, and they thought the homely daycare centre in Pine Crescent was a very worthwhile cause. When it was put to a vote between three charities as to which one we should adopt as our Local Charity Partner, the Dementia Carers came out on top.”

Store Manager Neil McDougall said “we are really pleased to support the Dementia Carers Group. Our colleagues will get behind any fundraising activity that we have instore when they know a worthwhile cause will benefit. The hard work really starts now, but I can definitely see our store building a strong relationship with the Dementia Carers Group and helping them to make a difference.”

The charity’s manager Brian Doig said, “this is an absolutely wonderful decision, and I cannot thank the store colleagues of Sainsburys Olympia enough. There is a real need for increased support for people with dementia locally, and this decision will help us to be a part of the solution... to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia and their carers. Already, the staff in Sainsburys have been very supportive and enthusiastic about supporting us, and I am really looking forward to working closely with them in this forthcoming year.

Our most sincere thanks must also go to Eddie McLaughlin of the Scottish Dementia Working Group for nominating us. Eddie made a very powerful presentation to the staff, advocating on behalf of people with dementia. Eddie was very keen that as a local charity, the East Kilbride Dementia Carers Group should be selected as Sainsbury Olympia’s Charity Partner for the year, and he definitely made an impact on our behalf.”

6th December 2008 - Collection at Ibrox

I am delighted to inform you that our collections on Saturday 6th December 2008 raised the fabulous sum of £1,592.08 for our Group.

Many thanks to all who managed to help with collecting.

Our most sincere thanks to Rangers Football Club, and to their Charity Foundation for allowing us to carry out this collection. We would also like to thank the supporters for their generosity.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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